April 11, 2017

Reneé Bibby and the land of open carry

Reneé Bibby is the director of The Writers Studio Tucson, where she teaches advanced and beginner creative writing workshops. Her work has appeared in PRISM International, Thin Air, Third Point Press, The Worcester Review, and Wildness. She is contributing editor at the Wilds. www.reneebibby.com OM:  While other creative writing schools rely on individual instructors to set up course structure, The Writers Studio method directs students to attempt a range of narrative voices and styles, clarifying their own unique voices in the process. Having a set method leads to consistency, but is something lost if instructors don’t have total freedom regarding course work? RB:  At the Writers Studio Tucson, we are asking students to practice narrative voice and styles. It’s the equivalent of the music student mastering scales, the art student spending hours on figure drawing. We want students to have such a firm grounding in the fundamentals that they feel equipped to create their best work. There’s a strange mythos in American culture that a novel or story springs fully formed from the writer, but there’s a lot of “grunt work,” so to speak. Hours honing craft. Even Picasso studied figure drawing. There is space in the world for classes […]