March 21, 2017

High kicks in the bathroom with Richard Kelly Kemick

Richard Kelly Kemick’s poetry and prose have been published in magazines and journals across Canada and the United States. His debut collection of poetry, Caribou Run, was published March 2016 and selected by CBC as one of the season’s Must Read Collections. He won a National Magazine award in 2016 for One-of-a-Kind feature. OM: Judging from your website, it looks like you’ve put together a massive list of publishing credits in a short period of time. When did you first publish? What was your first publication credit? How did you react to the news? RK: My first publishing credit came in 2013(ish) in QWETRY. I remember jumping up and down on the faux-hardwood flooring. My partner at the time and I decided we’d go out for a drink; before we left, I went to the bathroom and high-kicked the air. OM: To what do you attribute your impressive production? Does other employment interfere with your writing, or are you one of the lucky few doing this full-time? RK: I have been incredibly lucky in having universities not only afford me funding but consider my writing as part of my studies. Furthermore, a couple grants (Alberta Foundation and Canada Council) have […]
March 7, 2017

The inappropriately modest Traci Skuce

Traci Skuce lives in Cumberland, BC. Her work has appeared in The New Quarterly, Prairie Fire, Grain, Little Fiction, Event and The Dalhousie Review. Also, she won the 2016 Sheldon Currie prize for fiction, and was a finalist in the 2015 CBC Nonfiction Prize. OM: You fooled me with your aggressively modest bio in Prairie Fire. You wrote, “Traci Skuce lives in Cumberland, BC, where she roams the forest, raises boys and writes. She is working on her first short-story collection.” You might have also included being a short list finalist for both the 2015 CBC Creative Nonfiction Prize and the 2015 PRISM international Short Fiction Contest, as well as publishing in Grain, Event, and Prairie Fire. Are short lists and honourary mentions not good enough to make it to your bio? I was about to ask if Prairie Fire was your first publishing credit but soon found others through my Internet creeping. I know bios need not be a comprehensive list of credits, but it does seem like a suitable place to do a little bragging. What’s with the tiny bio in Prairie Fire? TS: Yeah, my friend gave me a talking to about that one. She said, “No, […]