January 24, 2017

Stephanie Yorke, Thom Yorke, and a bunch of muttonheads

Stephanie Yorke is a poet, fiction writer, and librettist. She has published her work in Canada and in other countries. She is Canadian, and has lived in Oxford and Johannesburg. OM:  When you’ve established yourself in the writing scene in one area (city/country), can any of that social momentum transfer to a new area? What was your experience? Is it possible to maintain a presence in another country with frequent trips and exchanges if you are not a resident? SY:  I’m going to be a bit contrary in answering this one. I’ll start off by saying this: even hearing the phrase “the writing scene in one area” fills me through the ribs to the throat with a combination of dread and torpor. Social momentum? Do you mean the stale, overfamiliar interpersonal dynamics? The turf wars? Those two friends who show up for every live reading, and then just sit there and knit the whole time? Click-click, click-click. Moving cities is great. I’ve had the very good fortune to live in several places that had writing scenes that could be negotiated in order to gain access to fantastic writing. Yes, the muttonheads with a social rather than an aesthetic investment in […]