April 17, 2016

rob mclennan and Facebook

  I’ll let Cameron Anstee’s excellent blog post serve as a bio. Note the lengthy interview at the end, which covers rob’s activities since the beginning. rob is a publisher, editor, blogger, reading series and small press book fair organizer, fiction/non-fiction writer and poet, who’s been a major part of the writing scene in Ottawa for a very long time. OM: You’re rob mclennan, not Rob McLennan. What does the lowercase signify? rm: I suspect that part of the original impetus might have had something to do with attempting to distinguish myself from family, but my early-twentysomething reasoning was that it was less about me, and more about the work. Now I just think it looks sleek, cool. OM: What’s the percentage breakdown of time spent on your own writing, blogging, reviewing, publishing, and reading? Would you like to spend more time on your own work, or are you happy to have a balance of activities? rm: The balance has always been fluid, working on little bits of a variety of things at any given time, although that’s been more tricky since I’ve been full-time with toddler (and new/final baby set to emerge any day). With the birth of our […]
April 3, 2016

Another sad little cheque

The other sad little cheque I receive every year (other than Public Lending Right) comes from Access Copyright. Payment varies, but in 2015 I received $120.04. In 2013, I made much less, but I received a detailed report that indicated that someone had made 444 copies of “Killers are Useful”, a short story I published in Event. How thrilling to think my work was being inflicted on young minds in one of our fine institutions of higher learning! Unlike the PLR, which seeks to compensate authors for the free use of the their works in libraries, AC attempts to compensate authors for people who think it’s okay to photocopy entire textbooks. They have the tougher of the two jobs, I think. The entire program is under threat thanks to the educational sector’s interpretation of “fair dealing”. Access Copyright had PricewaterhouseCoopers conduct an independent economic assessment of the new guidelines in place since 2012, and it doesn’t look good for Canadian educational publishers. Perhaps the payment I received for copies made of my story will be the last payment I receive, as those following the guidelines (which are not supported by the law) believe it’s their right to copy up to […]