January 29, 2016

Media Whore

This blog may contain more questions than answers. Can an introverted writer effectively promote his own work in the digital universe? Will “likes” become the new measure of artistic success? Does self-promotion interfere with creation? Must I become a media whore in order to survive when the competition for attention has never been greater? Is it a matter of survival for any artist? Let’s begin with a 47-year-old writer whose one and only book came out in 2002. Much like the job seeker with a mysterious 14-year gap on his resume, I should explain. Over 150,000 words were tweaked, tortured, and otherwise abused in that period, to provide commercially viable product for an agent. Neither novel was published, so the product of my labour remains invisible. Fourteen years in an office might yield money, a promotion, the respect of peers, and maybe the appreciation of a larger community, but to the casual observer, my fourteen years are blank. Out of the gap comes a new collection of short stories titled No Call Too Small. Of the thirteen stories, ten were published in literary journals, two were nominated for a National Magazine Award, three were nominated for the Journey Prize, one […]